March 13, 2016

Supporting TSB All Year Round

Shjon works to fight
MS all year long
TSB riders, volunteers and supporters are the BEST! Your efforts don't stop after the 2-day ride, but continue all year round. Fifteen-year-old TSB rider Shjon Richard (left) posted a photo of the team's namesake, Kelly 'Sugarbee' Walker (below) and a donation jar at his (first) job working at Mac's Place in Longmont. Owners Keith and Teresa MacPhail are so supportive of the MS-150 fundraising they are putting this front and center in their restaurant. Way to spread the TSB love Shjon, Keith and Teresa! Thank you to all of you who support TSB to 'take the sting out of MS'.

Next time you're in Longmont, stop by Mac's Place for a delicious breakfast or lunch and meet these great people.

Spencer Guthrie with Kelly 'Sugarbee' Walker and Betty 'Mom Sugarbee' Walker