July 2, 2017

Team Captain Tim Walker, Jr. Thanks the Team

Team Sugar Bee, 

L-R Tim Walker, Jr., Heidi Walker, Emma Walker, Bix Firer
Thanks for riding in the 2017 Bike MS. It was great to see all of you and ride for a great cause.  You are making a big difference in fighting MS and together we can defeat it.  I am so proud to ride with all of you and bee part of the Sugarbee's.  Kelly is very appreciative and wants to thank all of you again for riding. 

We missed the Bee Stop at lunch, but were able to see "Mom and Pops" at the Sugar Bee Tent Saturday afternoon. They had fun being retired and enjoyed their time with all of the Bees. We are the number 6 team in fundraising and still have 2 more months to turn in pledges.  Awesome job! Bee Happy!

Tim Jr.