March 11, 2020

It's MS Awareness Week!

Bike MS Facebook Cover Thumb B

This week is all about raising awareness and supporting those who live with MS and the mission of the National MS Society. Nearly 1 million people are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the United States. There isn't a known cause, symptoms come and go, there is no cure, and you often can't even tell that someone has MS. Help us share the message this week by doing the following things:

·         Wear ORANGE! It is a simple way to support our mission and get the conversation going.

·         Update your social media profile photos with a frame and update your cover photo with one of our official Bike MS photos that can be found on the Bike MS website here!

·         Share your story when you are recruiting and fundraising this month. Help people to understand the why behind what you are doing. Use your participant center and social media to make those asks.

·         Be Inspired and Inspire others by sharing stories of those living with MS. These stories are located here and can be easily shared via email or through your favorite social media platform.
This is a week to raise awareness and celebrate the progress we have made taking the sting out of MS. Thanks so much for riding with us! Go Bees!